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The Black Metal Refill Card will be issued to our most loyal customers. This card is made of metal and laser cut with precision to create the most premium, deluxe sensation for our exclusive members. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also provides a tremendous amount of benefits and different exclusive offers to the card owner.

Welcome to Second Home's Loyalty Program. To show our appreciation for your purchase, each customer will receive a membership card when purchased any Second Home products. There are two types of membership cards Second Home would issue. There are the premium Black Metal Refill Card and the Purple Refill Card. Each type of card/membership serves different purposes with different functions. Please continue reading as we elaborate on the differences of each card.

Special benefits and offers including - 

  • Unlimited times refilling your Second Home Premium Container Candles at less than half the price.

  • Exemption on future price surge*

  • Provide pick up service at your doorstep per your refill request.

  • Enjoy special price on our future products such as Incense, Room Spray, Perfume etc...

  • Refill requests spread across our product categories where refill is feasible i.e., Room Spray

Purple Refill Card will be issued to our customers when buying refillable Second Home products such as Premium Container Candle, Room Spray and Perfume after registered as Second Home site member. Customers with the Purple Refill Card enjoy up to five times refill request by dropping the existing container to one of our POS.  

Our customers would be pleased to know that the refill request is not limited to the original scent when purchased. We encourage our customers to try out our different scents Second Home has to offer. Just simply remember the name of the scent that you like in our POS and we will do the rest. You may also like to visit our scent page to inspire your next chapter of your fragrant adventure.  

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