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Second Home Room Spray

Second Home proudly present to you our new product category. Room Spray.

A versatile fragrance product that could change the ambience and vibe of your surrounding in an instant. 

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To add a delightful extra layer of fragrance to your life could bring you a long way with a present surprise. A burst to enhance your creativity. A burst to relax you from your hectic life. A burst to accustom you into an unfamiliar environment. Ultimately, a burst to enhance the quality of your life. Whilst other fragrance product are great for different situations. Room Spray fall into a special category where its versatility is unmatched. It is the simplest, fastest and the most direct way to change an ambience of a vicinity. Unlike candles or defuser where certain amount of supervising and care is needed. Candles especially where there is an open flame might not be an ideal fragrance product for you and your fluffy friend. Defuser reeds need constant replacement after a while to disperse fragrance properly. These factors might considered as an inconvenience for some users. 


Room Spray offers an unparalleled portability. Whenever you are traveling simply tuck it in your brief case or luggage, bringing along with you is not just a fragrance product but the feeling of home. Room Spray is also very flexible with the intensity of scent strength, you have full control on how many pump of spritz to fill your room with magic. 

Second Home offers four different scents of Room Sprays to suit your mood and preferences. More are yet to come!

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Each scent is carefully blended with just the right amount of fragrance to ensure our Room Spray is living up to it’s standard in terms of scent intensity, fragrance layers and complexity of the fragrance note.

Why Room Spray:


  • Portability 

  • Easy to use

  • Safer to use

  • Precise control of scent strength

  • Instantaneous 

  • Target object (Pillow, stuffed animal etc…)

  • Spot treat


Just like Second Home’s other fragrance products. Second Home Room Spray uses the best ingredients in the market to give you the ultimate experience. it’s unique blend of scents offer you the strongest link to your feelings and memories. The smell of optimism, the smell of euphoria, the smell of good memories, the smell of happiness. May the journey begin.




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