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Do you remember that bouquet of flowers you received from a loved one? Whether it was an anniversary, birthday, wedding or promotion; your loved ones wanted to express their love by gifting a bouquet to mark a momentous occasion. Unfortunately, flowers have a very short shelf life and after a few days, would have likely withered and been thrown away. Would it not be great if you were able to receive flowers that would last and remind you of your special occasion?

Preserve flowers is a form of drying technique that requires meticulous dedication in order for a florist to be able to perform and master the skill. Preserve flowers combines the benefit of flesh flowers with dry flowers providing a much longer shelf life, whilst being able to maintain a completely natural look and feel. It is a perfect solution for different floral compositions and arrangements. Most importantly, it enables you cherish those special moments for a lot longer, so you are able to continue to feel the joy, happiness and love when seeing that bouquet.

Second Home Preserve Flower Wreath, a candle accessory; to further enhance the aesthetic of our premium container candles. Each wreath is tailor made using the finest preserve flowers imported from Japan. The combination of the wreath and Second Home's premium container candle will provide you with a visual and sensual experience like no other.

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