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Container Candle

Premium Container Candle

A Second Home Signature product. Our Premium Container Candle uses only the best quality soy wax and fragrance oil on the market has to offer to enhance the quality of your life and well-being. 

All ingredients used in our container candle are all natural with no additional additives to intensify the scent nor additives for surface smoothing to ensure our container candle is safe for long burn time without the need to worry about health and safety hazards.

Second Home has spent a tremendous amount of time designing its Premium Container Candle as a luxury product. All components such as the High quality glass container, the beautifully designed metal lid using laser edging technology, the embossed and hot stamped packaging box along with paper bag with ribbon. The attention to detail on Second Home’s products is exceptional thus showing the dedication of how Second Home is eager to give our customers the best purchasing experience as possible. It would be a terrible waste if such a beautiful product were sitting on your shelf with no function after the wax is finished. That’s why Second Home introduces wax refilling service for your empty container. You may want to know more about this service by visiting our Refill Membership Card page.

Ebru Candle

Ebru Candle

Ebru is a Turkish traditional art of marbling technique which was then adopted by Korean candle crafters and became Ebru candle.  There are certainly a lot of different ways and techniques to craft Ebru candles. Above is a compilation of Ebru Candles crafted with different techniques.