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Some forgotten emotions, memories,

individuals, and days

Come and join us! Let the reminiscing  journey begin with Second Home.

The name Second Home was inspired by the thought of the owner of this company who wanted to use our senses (Sight, Scent, Touch) to bring our clients to familiar places, memories, ultimately the feeling of home. 

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Memory is a precious asset to anyone, yet it is not forever lasting.  Memory can be washed away with time, however it can also be recalled by an array of methods and our physical senses is one of them.  It is proven scientifically that you can recall long term forgotten memories by scent, touch, and sight. 

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Welcome to Second Home, a company which its sole aim is to improve your quality of life by providing you with the highest quality of lifestyle product. 

Life in modern days can be stressful. We focus on our career and daily task so much just to improve our living standard without actually improving the quality of our lives.

Second Home provides an array of quality products including candles, air diffusers, soap, perfume, room spray, fragrant cream and aroma stones to lift your quality of life in the most fundamental and elementary way. 

You might not believe how a flickering glow of candle light and gentle soothing scent could transcend your life. Living in a materialised world can be daunting and frustrating. Why not submerge yourself into our Second Home candle series that would enshroud you in a gentle, comfortable atmosphere where you can completely relax and enjoy just a bit more of your life.

Second Home brings you a vast range of scents to suit your mood. These scents are uniquely blended with a specific formulae developed in-house which can be found only at Second Home and nowhere else on the market. 

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